Porsche 911 TARGA S 911 s targa

  • 8.500 KM
  • 02 / 1970
  • Benzine
revised engine and gearbox - great condition!

We don’t need to spend many words on this one… a 911, air-cooled, from the F series and then an “S” – TARGA… The boy’s dream come true.
What a pleasure it is to be out and about with this bad boy, its insane sound, elegant lines and even by today’s standards it’s a fast and responsive car which handles great. We are proud to offer this wonderful car. A lot has been invested in this car, a big folder of bills is present. The engine and gearbox were completely overhauled 4 years ago, so it really runs great. Optically, the car looks great with its silver paint and black interior. Rarely I got more admiration and I was asked for a “selfie” with the car. Positivity and respect is what this car enforces.

BTW of Marge Marge
Datum eerste toelating 09-08-2018
Datum eerste toelating (internationaal) 28-02-1970
Tellerstand 8.500 KM
Kleur Grijs
Aantal zitplaatsen 4
Brandstof Benzine
Aantal cilinders 6
Cilinderinhoud 2195 cc
Vermogen 132 kW / 179 PK
Gewicht 990 kg
Motorrijtuigenbelasting Vrijgesteld

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NSDM plein 28
1033 wb Amsterdam